Sunday, July 12

Renegade Craft Fair (Part 2)

I can not talk about the Renegade Craft Fair without mentioning Virginia Kraljevic! She was voted the Best Booth Ever by the Heart Handmade Blog and I have to agree! Virgina told me this was her first craft fair. At the last minute, she was grabbing things from around her apartment to use as displays. She is one of the sweetest people I've met and she is taking a risk by following her dream. Check out her Etsy Shop.

Mini Cards

Hand sketches

Something's Hiding in Here!
I was completely awe struck when I saw the owners of Something's Hiding in Here, Shauna and Stephen, at the craft fair! I ran to them like an obsessed fan, running my mouth about how much I love them and have been reading their blog forever. Thank you Vivee for introducing me to them. Sometimes, its tough to read their blog because Im so jeleous of their talent Check out their compact booth. And check out their Etsy Shop.

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dave said...

wOw! it's so great to see talented people follow their dreams and make really cool stuff. What an INSPIRATION! (hint, hint)